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📐 of the 🧠 [005]

Triangle of the Mind
📐 of the 🧠 [005]
By Steve Ledlow • Issue #5 • View online
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our collective attention. I’m not the only one, as I’ve been seeing a lot of great writing and examples of people sharing a similar concern.
Last week I shared a link that Apple is said to be heading down the path of some sort of augmented reality (AR) device. While there are really great use cases in the education space, the dystopian take is obviously that we’ll all be spending time in some metaverse while the actual physical universe we enhabit disintegrates like a cruton under an elephant’s foot.
To play with words a bit… disintegration is an interesting one. All the “connectedness” that has been introduced to every corner of our world via the internet, WiFi, social media, etc. has actually eroded much of our connection to those in close physical proximity. Here’s an excercise. The next time you’re having a meal at a restaurant, look for a family of 4 or more dining together. Without creeping them out, observe how many of them are engaging with one another vs. engaging with the screen of a device. Follow the same excercise when driving. Look at cars on the highway where there are multiple occupants and take note of how many times all of them are siloed in thought with a screen being their window into the world. It’s even more of a mind fuck when you notice how many times the driver is included in this behavior.
I’m not coming to this conversation as someone who doesn’t fall into the same trap of my attention being held hostage by digital kidnappers that I’ve invited into my life. I am coming to this as someone that has been taking notice and making incremental strides toward change that benefits me as a person, as a husband, as a father, as a pet owner, as a thinker… the list goes on.
I’d caution that relying only on the tools that the device makers are offering is a slippery slope in this effort. Sometimes the simple solution is the best one. Rather than setting up Focus Modes or turning on Do Not Disturb options, try just taking a walk observing the natural surroundings or or sharing an expereience with other humans without any connection other than to one another. Rather than telling yourself you can avoid distraction by reading something longform on your phone, grab that physical book you’ve been meaning to get to and head to a quiet place without any digital leash holding you back.
As my grandfather used to say quite often, “I’m not in the business of giving advice. I only offer suggestions.”

1️⃣ Something I read...
While this author would likely be described as on the extreme end of the “lessen our digital distraction” spectrum, I think it’s always beneficial to hear differing takes on how to achieve something. Each of us will find our own solution somewhere between the extremes, but it’s nice to know the boundaries to stretch ourselves in the direction we desire. Julian self asserts this point here:
There are different levels of digital minimalism and everyone must find the right dose for themselves. Certainly, my way seems very radical, but small steps are sufficient to feel a change.
2️⃣ Something I watched...
A Japanese Inspired Home Centred Around a Traditional Japanese Courtyard
A Japanese Inspired Home Centred Around a Traditional Japanese Courtyard
If this doesn’t inspire thoughts of tranquil and intentional spaces…
3️⃣ Something I use... 🎧 is a great tool to have bookmarked or as a pinned tab in your browser. Made by one of my favorite “makers” on the web, Fabrizio Rinaldi, and his partner, Marianna Di Vito, this site has made focused writing sessions that much more enjoyable. There are many web apps like it, but it has a unique set of controls and visuals that add that missing element of fun and inspiration to the mix.
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This section is only for the folks that scroll to the bottom of a newsletter the way true fans sit to the end of the credits in a movie hoping for a little more…
  • Not only has Fabrizio created, but he’s co-founded two other great tools with Mailbrew and Typefully. They’re both worth the price of admission. His landing page is also a gem.
  • Another interesting take on how we all participate in the “drug” that is social media. First hit is free.
  • I’m considering using the month of July to do a “digital cleanse”. I’m still working out the mechanics of it, but I’m sure I’ll share more as it shapes up.
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