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📐 of the 🧠 [001]

Triangle of the Mind
📐 of the 🧠 [001]
By Steve Ledlow • Issue #1 • View online
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Now for this week’s triangle!

1️⃣ Something I read...
This article hits a bit closer to home now that my company has moved to a “remote first” strategy. It’s a dramatic shift from a hybrid strategy that we believe would force us to be in the office 2 or 3 days per week starting around this time. Internal surveys and talent leaving due to the lack of a formal remote work policy led to new leadership pivoting to remote. Real estate is already being offloaded and we’re pushing the culture in the right direction in my group.
This paragraph also resonated with me:
Remote working, though, can be both a blessing and a curse. The ability to Zoom into the office from anywhere allows for mid-week camping trips, and lets tech workers remain productive while they’re whizzing down I-95 in a rented Airstream. (Ideally with someone else driving.) But it can also leave workers chained to the office no matter where they go. Many people working from the woods are probably doing it to achieve a newfound sense of freedom and adventure. But some are surely doing it because they’re unable to get away from an office that — thanks to tech — can increasingly follow them anywhere they go, even into the wilderness.
I agree that getting out into the wilderness is even more valuable if you can put the work to the side to invest yourself fully in the natural experience.
2️⃣ Something I watched...
The Books That Changed My Life
The Books That Changed My Life
Van Neistat’s The Spirited Man YouTube channel is one of the best collections of video content out there. While there have been many references in his videos about books that had a profound impact on him, this video is a focused distillation of books that had an impacts in specific phases of his life. One book he’s referenced that also is on my list of must reads in life is The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Fun fact… Van’s son is named “X”. Not specifically after Malcolm, but that’s just a small glimpse into this artist’s expression.
3️⃣ Something I use...
This app has changed the way my family manages recipes and meal planning. When I tell you that it is magical in parsing out the relevant info from recipes all over the internet (even the ones that are on pages/sites littered with ads), that’s an understatement. I’ve yet to share a recipe with Mela that it didn’t handle accurately. The developer is Silvio Rizzi, who also makes the lovely Reeder 5 RSS app.
For more info and links to other more in-depth reviews, head to the app’s dedicated website.
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