Triangle of the Mind

By Steve Ledlow

A weekly dose of 3 things I found interesting enough to share with other humans.

A weekly dose of 3 things I found interesting enough to share with other humans.

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📐 of the 🧠 [008]

Life has a rather ironic way of forcing you to come up for air whether you think you need it or not.


📐 of the 🧠 [007]

While some people may be able to have a newsletter with a three digit numbering scheme and pass right over issue 007 without making a James Bond reference... I ain't one of them.


📐 of the 🧠 [006]

Consider a beautiful Bonsai tree. The only way it could get to that point of beauty is to have had branches and growth to prune away.


📐 of the 🧠 [005]

As my grandfather used to say quite often, "I'm not in the business of giving advice. I only offer suggestions."


📐 of the 🧠 [004]

I have the term resiliency on my mind. Not because I feel that I am particularly resilient, but because I think it’s often misused when what we’re actually incorporating into our lives is the lesser condition of peace of mind.


📐 of the 🧠 [003]

In honor of Dieter Rams turning 90 last week, this issue is dedicated to links that connect to him and his design legacy. I can’t recall the moment I became aware of Rams and his vast catalog of iconic designs, but once I did I was forever changed.


📐 of the 🧠 [002]

Any hip-hop head will know the name Young Guru from his various call outs on a range of Roc-A-Fella Records artists (most notably, Jay-Z). This interview showcases the master of craft that Guru is across various disciplines in the art of creating captivating …


📐 of the 🧠 [001]

This article hits a bit closer to home now that my company has moved to a "remote first" strategy. It's a dramatic shift from a hybrid strategy that we believe would force us to be in the office 2 or 3 days per week starting around this time. Internal surveys…